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Thursday, 30 October 2014

Acne Facts & Fiction

It's hard to go through life without catching wind of a superstition, myth, or old wives' tale- especially when it comes your body. Among the number one offenders when it comes to bodily care and function myths- acne. Pimples and blemishes have been subject to countless hear-says, bathroom rumors, and they-says. Just what are some of the most outlandish myths to acne?
Have you ever been told that French fries, fried chicken, or salty potato chips are the root cause of your acne? If so, you were lied to. This is possibly the most widely believed of the acne myths. Scientists have found no correlation between diet and acne. Eating greasy, salty, or fatty foods does not lead to outbreaks of acne. What is true is that a lack nutrition can lead to unhealthy skin- though this doesn't apply directly to pimples and the like.
Another old wives' tale that follows acne around is that it is a catch-able disease. During the first half of 20th century, and likely before it, it was not uncommon for parents to disapprove of their child's date due to acne outbreaks. There was a fear that physical contact would result in the spread of a virus-like strand of acne. To this day there is still a social stigma regarding acne-carrying peers- despite the fact that it is not a transferable condition.
Amid a sea of reasonable fears and myths surrounding acne, there are certain one's that fall under the irrational banner. One popular misconception is that certain races are immune to acne entirely. This falsehood was born from the fact that certain skin tones are much more kind in concealing blemishes and pimples. The reality of it is, any person can be afflicted with acne regardless of race.
The most unfair of stigmas that follows acne is this- it is caused by poor hygiene. The problem with this myth is that it perpetuates a negative stereotype in regards to those that have unnaturally frequent and severe outbreaks of acne. Whether it take place at the school yard, daycare, park, or even at your work station- an abundance of acne gives the potentially false impression that you neglect your hygiene.
The fact is- poor hygiene has no effect on pimples and blemishes. The opposite, in reality, is the case. By over-washing and drying your skin, you irritate it and cause more damaging outbreaks. Lightly washing your face and other afflicted areas to remove dust, dead skin, and natural oils should suffice in basic body care for those fearful of acne. Interestingly, one popular acne hear-say in particular happens to be true. Toothpaste happens to be something of a fast-acting miracle cream for getting rid of pimples!

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