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Thursday, 30 October 2014

Steps for Men to Keep a Smooth Face

With competition being as rough as it has ever been in the job market, just about any way you can set yourself apart will work to your advantage. Yet, with life being so rough, having a smooth and professional looking face can only help you, whether it is in finding a job or just to look less scruffy. With this in mind, here are  steps for men to attain that clean, smooth face.
Soap up your face in the shower daily.
One of the trickiest parts of keeping your face smooth is the consistency it requires. However, this is essential to keeping up your appearance. Your shower does not have to take long and can be as short as 5 minutes. Just make sure you use that 5 minutes effectively and use warm water to wash your face for the best effect. Soaps such as Dove and Neutrogena have also proven reliable for keeping clean. This is the very foundation of men's skincare.
Get rid of acne and pimples.
This may sound easier than it is, but once again, consistency plays a deciding factor. Although that shower is a great first step, if you get dirty or sweaty during the day, take a few minutes to clean up your face. According to one New York Times health piece this will cause current blemishes to fade and reduce the likeliness of new acne and pimples popping up. Following this step ensures less man acne.
Feel free to use a facial scrub.
Although some men may associate facial scrubs as being a beauty product for women, this is not entirely true. Both genders can get plenty of mileage out of this product. Facial scrubs work to peel away dead skin and bring forth new healthier skin. As such, older men may find a facial scrub particularly effective.
Avoid alcohol and oils.
While having a drink and using oil to cook can be fun, avoid getting it on your face. Alcohol can irritate human skin, even though some incorrectly believe it does the exact opposite. Other products that are either oily or greasy can likewise turn your smooth face into a bumpy patch.
Shave daily with a disposable razor.
Once you follow these tips all you need to do is remove all that messy hair daily. Shaving plays a vital role in this area of men's skincare. A disposable razor can be more effective than one of those permanent more pricey kinds as you open it factory sealed. This means you do not have to remove the previous hair and oil residue you left on the razor last time you shaved. Remember just because it looks clean, does not make it so.

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