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Thursday, 30 October 2014

Popping a Pimple

What should you do when a pimple unpleasantly protrudes from your face? Many would most probably resort to popping it than leaving it and waiting until it heals. But popping pimples can worsen your acne and possibly aggravate the infection.
On the other hand, if you go for a professional facial treatment, the painful extraction of pimples is always part of its process. So, what should one do on this situation?
First, let's look into what happens during professional acne facial.
The treatment generally starts by having the face thoroughly cleaned. What's usually used are skincare products intended to treat acne.
Afterwards, a scrub mask would be put on the face and would be steamed for about fifteen minutes. And then, the skin would be massaged with a scrub to remove dirt that's mainly the cause of acne. Once this is completed, the scrub is rinsed off by using a wet sponge.
Basically, that's the main procedure when you go through a facial. But if you're not comfortable with this going through a professional facial, you can also do it on your own. However, it's important to do it properly.
If you're going to do it at home, you must prepare a bowl with boiled water, a scrub mask, warm water, a pimple extractor, antiseptic, and a kaolin or mud mask.
Start by stooping or leaning over the bowl with boiled water. Your face should be about 10 inches from the water's surface. This is done to open the pores of your skin. And, it's best to do this for at least 15 minutes.
After that, gently massage your face with a scrub mask. And just like in a professional facial, rinse off the scrub mask with a wet sponge and warm water.
Once your face is thoroughly cleaned, the next thing to do would be the extraction of pimples. Get your pimple extractor; make sure you disinfect this well. The sharp end must be sterilized by fire. Its ring should be pressed on the skin to extract loosened blackheads. The sharp end is used to pierce ripe pimples.
Now, only the pimples filled with pus should be popped. Pierce the side of the pimple. Then, using your fingers, squeeze out the pus until some blood comes out. And then, quickly apply antiseptic over it.
Once this strenuous procedure is completed, the mud mask can now be applied on your face. And, lastly, after you rinse off the mask, put antiseptic again over the pierced pimples.
Doing this could probably save you time and money. But if you're still not confident on doing this on your own, you can ask a friend to help you or consult a dermatologist first.

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