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Thursday, 30 October 2014

Chicken Pox Home Remedy

Chicken Pox is that dreaded sickness. Once you know of someone who has it, you wait patiently to discover if your family was affected. Once those little red dots start appearing, you know for certain. Chicken Pox has hit your family.
There are Chicken Pox Home Remedies that can be used to not only help the swelling but ensure that the rest of your family doesn't also get chicken pox. Because of how contagious chicken pox is,
Is Chicken Pox Contagious?
Chicken Pox is not only contagious but it is a viral infection that is easily transmitted from one person to the next. The contagious cycle of chicken pox really doesn't begin until the pox begins. Many people do not realize they've been infected until the signs of chicken pox show themselves.
What is Chicken Pox?
Chicken Pox is a viral infection that usually affects children although adults can catch chicken pox. If adults catch chicken pox, their symptoms are usually more severe than those chicken pox symptoms of children.
What are symptoms of Chicken Pox?
Several symptoms of chicken pox are fever, scratching, itching, loss of appetite, and generally just not feeling good. Finding a good remedy for chicken pox becomes vital as symptoms can be extreme. Ones the pimples began to appear, the itching and misery really begins. These pimples are filled with fluid and will crust over which looks different from a normal pimple. These eruptions can occur all over the body.
How to know if I have Chicken Pox?
Chicken Pox bumps look different from insect bites. If it is chicken pox, more bumps will continue to appear of the next few days. By the fifth day, the first bumps that appeared will start to look crusted over. You will also start to see no more new bumps. By this point, you can have quite a few bumps. As a child, I had over 400 pox pimples all over my body which was miserable from start to finish.
If you are unsure a particular bump could be chicken pox, try the following technique. Draw a line around the bump and wait a day or two. If the bump crusts over and more bumps appear, you could possibly have chicken pox.
How long will I have Chicken Pox?
Chicken Pox generally runs for about 2 weeks. Of course, if you have kids and they all catch chicken pox at different times, you will probably feel like you are never getting rid of chicken pox but don't despair. The chicken pox will not last forever!

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