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Thursday, 30 October 2014

Birth Control Pills and Acne Prevention

("Birth Control Pills - A Suitable and Safe Method for Treating Acne") As mentioned above, more than 80% of patients in one study had noticeable improvement in their acne, so don't give up hope if you don't see results right away.
Remember to take them regularly, at the same time every day or as otherwise instructed by your doctor. And keep using your topical treatments as well (creams, pads, etc.) because they may work in conjunction with the birth control pills. Just be sure to clear anything not over the counter with your doctor, to make sure there are no drug interactions or increased risks from the combination.
There are some negative side effects that need to be considered before taking the pill, including weight gain, breast cysts, blood clots, headaches, fatigue and abdominal pain.
("Reducing Acne with Birth Control Pills") Melasma (hyperpigmentation or brownish blotches), may also appear on the skin. ("Fighting Pimples with the Pill")These blotches are sometimes called the "mask of pregnancy" and can be minimized by watching your exposure to the sun and experimenting with different fading creams that are available over the counter.
If this is a real concern for you, a dermatologist can also prescribe certain creams for fading. Birth control pills can also cause blood clots, heart attacks or strokes, so read the warning labels carefully (especially if you are a smoker) and discuss any concerns with your health care provider.
Please be aware also that some birth control pills can lead to depression and/or suicidal thoughts. If you are prone to or diagnosed with depression, or if you have a history of depression in your family, you may want to consider an alternative (topical) form of acne prevention. Also, please don't take birth control pills if you are male.

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