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Thursday, 30 October 2014

Get Rid of Chicken Pox Itching

How long am I contagious with Chicken Pox?
From the day that the fever develops is the beginning of being contagious. Once all of the chicken pox bumps have crusted over, the child is no longer contagious. Remember to check for new bumps to appear during the first seven days of breakout.
Chicken Pox Home Remedies
Catnip Tea with a hint of molasses or honey will bring down the fever. This can be used with multiple sicknesses other than just for chicken pox.
Ginger added to a warm/cool bathwater will help the itching. Take as many baths as needed. If you have younger children, give them their favorite bath toys.
Aveeno has a wonderful line of itch free products. Finding itch relief can be difficult with chicken pox. Aveeno products are wonderful to have on hand.
Honey will relief itching and help to heal the chicken pox within a few days. Just take a little honey and smear on the chicken pox bumps.
Chicken Noodle Soup can give vital nutrients and vitamins when you are feeling sick. A wonderful chicken noodle soup is: fresh carrots, potatoes, cooked chicken, chicken broth, and any other veggies you love. Let this simmer for a couple of hours and you have homemade chicken noodle soup.
Vitamin E Oil can be used to rub on the chicken pox bumps. The vitamin E has natural healing powers that will help the chicken pox bumps to not scar.
Witch Hazel can also help the itching caused from chicken pox. To make a Witch Hazel mixture, take one cup of witch hazel and one cup of water. Mix the two and apply to the skin. Don't be afraid to lavish this mixture on the skin. The witch hazel can be applied as often as needed. Once you apply the witch hazel and water, let dry.
Herbal Tea can be not only relaxing to children who've been infected with chicken pox but it also can relieve the itching. Try chamomile, basil, or lemon balm with a touch of lemon, honey, and cinnamon. The healing properties will help the itching and help heal the chicken pox.

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