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Thursday, 30 October 2014

Why Does My Newborn Baby Have Pimples?

Many new parents may thinking that they will not have to worry about pimples until their new baby is into his teens, when suddenly, your beautiful newborn's skin suddenly breaks out in red bumps.
What happened to that soft, baby skin? As distressing as it may be, baby acne is common, and nothing to fret over, occurring in roughly 20 percent of newborns, and young infants. But, why, you may ask? Why does my baby have pimples, or baby acne? Well, it is a little gift that you gave him soon before his birth.
Some of your maternal hormones crossed the placenta and into your newborn's body. These maternal hormones help in various ways, one of which is helping your baby's lung mature prior to birth. However, those same helpful, maternal hormones are still present when your baby is born, and they are the culprit behind baby acne and pimples.
Some babies are born with the red, acne like bumps, but it is more likely that baby acne and pimples will begin at around age 4 to 6 weeks, or just when the new grandparents are coming to visit, and you have your baby's first professional pictures planned to be taken.
The start of baby acne also seems to coincide with the period of time that your newborn may be fussiest, as his digestive system matures. Isn't being a new parent fun?
Baby acne is most likely to present as red bumps, and even whiteheads, on a baby's cheeks. However, in some babies, the acne is also found on the forehead and chin area. Crying will make baby acne look worse, and if it is present on your baby's chin, drooling may also make it look worse, and angrier.
What can you do if your baby develops pimples, or baby acne? The best thing to do is to wash your baby's face with warm water once a day. There is no need for soap, but if you choose to, use an extremely mild, unscented, soap. Do not use any lotions, creams, or oils on your baby's pimples as this may make the situation worse, and the pimples will take longer to disappear.
Baby acne is very much a wait it out condition. It is most likely that your baby's acne, or pimples will have totally disappeared by the time she is 4 to 6 months of age. While baby acne isn't pretty, it also isn't anything to worry about. If your baby's pimples are not gone by age 6 months, see your doctor. Relax and you will quickly learn to look past the pimples and see the true beauty that is your baby. Before you know it, they will be long gone.

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